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About the Association

The Ramona Neighborhood Association was formed as an effort to advance community based volunteerism as a means of promoting the preservation and continuous improvement of the community in which we reside.


Mission Statement

We, as concerned citizens, are willing to participate in improving our neighborhood and the well being of our entire city.


Values and Goals

The values of the Association include:

  • Maintaining a safe, clean, family friendly neighborhood
  • Building pride in the city
  • Building a sense of community
  • Supporting law enforcement
  • Eliminating graffiti
  • Keeping our neighborhood litter free and maintaining property values

The goals of the Association include:

  • To be a unified voice on issues affecting Ramona community residents
  • To monitor government and industrial activities for the purpose of intervening if such activities should have a negative impact on the Ramona community
  • To gather and share information on issues relevant to our neighborhood

Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of the immediate Past President and the following annually elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Trustee(s).


Current Board Members
President Jason Gromski
1st Vice President Proteek Sanyal
2nd Vice President Amie Shepard
Secretary Kathleen De Mesa
Treasurer Judy Ramirez
Trustee Carolyn Ficklin
Trustee Dixie Tobey
Trustee Lucy Ravitch
Trustee Robyn Sanyal
Trustee Tony Tadros