RNA Open Meeting June 1 at 7 pm

Regular meeting of the Ramona Neighborhood Association. The meeting will be June 1 at 7 pm at Ramona Park.

This year we are going to have meetings monthly on the first Thursday of the month. Bring a lawn chair or use the benches at the park. This meeting will be informal and allow you to ask questions and get involved.

1. Hawthorne School Superintendent Dr Helen Morgan and Board Member Alex Monteiro. Topics will include discussion of pickup and drop-off traffic congestion and how to improve it as well as a description of initiatives going on in the school district.

2. Ramona Park Mural Discussion. Review the plans for the mural to be painted onto the Ramona Park bathroom and discuss any changes we would like to see.

3. Vote on bylaws changes presented at May meeting.

4. General discussion.

The meeting should be over by 8 pm.

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Welcome to the Ramona Neighborhood Association


Welcome to the Ramona Neighborhood Association's new website. We hope to use this site to keep you up to date on things happening in the neighborhood. Be sure to contact us if you have issues that we can resolve.

The Ramona Neighborhood Association is now on Facebook and Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @RNA_Hawthorne. We'll be using these sites for day-to-day updates on neighborhood happenings.

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